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WRIMICS - Comic series on Writer's lives

Comic series on writer's lives - WRIMICS

Addressing artists of all ages and backgrounds, this comic series brings out various moments in author's lives.

Hope you enjoy reading them. Click here to read.

We dealt with a mix of feelings such as their dreams, eagerness to pursue their passion come what may, their anxiety, fear of failure, procrastination, innocence/ignorance, and hope, etc. The majority of our comics tend to be satirical or humor in nature whereas some of them are informative/educational as well.

TESTimonials from our authors community

"excellent product"

When I first wrote my story, I was keen on making an e-book out of it. I looked around the internet and found very few options as my book was in Kannada. Some popular options like, kobo let me just upload; no editing. Amazon didn't let me create a Kannada ebook...

"great listeners!"
- Abani Buragohain, Assamese

I am happy that MagicAuthor has helped me to publish my first book in different ways. They made me understand how an eBook should be created. They helped me to get illustrations for the book. This is my initial venture and they listened to me as to what I actually intended to make my book attractive. 

"Professional & intuitive"
- SANJOY mondal, bengali

For Long, publication of books written in numerous Indian Languages has been done by local initiative only. There was no universal platform for budding authors. has successfully filled-in the void with their professional, intuitive and open approach. 

"amazing SUPPORT"

The help which I received from Team Magic Author is amazing! I have already used the blog facility and has recently published my ebook in Konkani.